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Mobile Phone Jammers Fundamentally Prevent Information Leakage

Perfectjammer 2020-11-24

Although they are very fashionable, smart assistants such as Amazon Echo or Google Home have caused some privacy concerns. Indeed, thanks to their integrated microphones, these connected speakers can constantly listen to the surrounding sounds in order to react immediately when called. Of course it is practical, but despite the manufacturer’s guarantee, people can still reasonably want to know what the information (mainly personal information) collected during the day is... This may create a certain degree of transparency for your personal privacy , So we need to use mobile cell phone jammer to fundamentally prevent incidents from happening.

In order to fight the potential behavior of these charming assistants, a group of technicians gathered around Bjørn Karmann developed a particularly smart mobile cell phone blockers device. This "parasite" called "parasite" is called an "alias" by its designers. It consists of a 3D printed polymer shell that is placed directly on the speaker like a hat. First, it is equipped with a microphone, two mini speakers and a Rasperry Pi nano computer, which is programmed to continuously generate white noise, making it possible to counteract the assistant's continuous listening while still letting voice commands pass. Aliases can be controlled through the mobile app, which allows you to define new keywords to deactivate interference and control assistants.

For now, even if the prototype is feasible, Alias ​​is only in the collaborative project phase. Its development is carried out in open source, and all plans to achieve this goal are available for free on the Instructables website. There is no doubt that this original and useful move will interest a large number of users.