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Block Internet Access Cell Phone Blocks Teammates' Signals

Perfectjammer 2022/01/17

Yesterday there was an LPL game that started quietly, JDG against BLG. The result of this game did not end with a 2:0 victory over BLG by JDG. After all, it was the first game of JDG where Toothpaste returned to the starting lineup, so JDG still showed their due level, and BLG against JDG was even worse. , especially on the road, b iubiu was beaten in a mess, and his record in Qinggangying once reached 1/4, while the JDG top single, the Duke of Zoom, performed well, especially that game of Sword Demon perfectly explained What is the undead God of War? After this game, some netizens found a very interesting point in BLG's first view of the jungler Guohao, that is, he blocked the signal of his top single biubiu to Block Internet Access Cell Phone . Maybe no one ever thought that in an official League of Legends game, there would be a saying that the signal of teammates would be blocked. After all, we usually block passers-by’s signals mostly because passers-by speak rudely or simply don’t want to see his news, but in the official game, under the watchful eyes of thousands of spectators, Cell Phone Jammer blocked the signal of its own top order, which is still too interesting.

Let me first review what happened in this game. It is nothing more than that biubiu's top road record was very dismal and became a breakthrough for the team. At this time, as a jungler, blocking the signal of the top order also allows people to have a variety of interpretations: The first one is the most normal League of Legends player thinking, that is, the top lane has been blown up, and I don’t want to help, as a player Ye should have his own judgment on the situation and gank, and he has to be the engine of the team, so he simply Block Internet Access Cell Phoneblocked the signal of the breakthrough in the team to prevent it from affecting his judgment. And even if the signal is blocked, it doesn't matter, there is still voice communication in the team, and most importantly, I am afraid that my mentality will be bombed by the question marks that follow one after another. Therefore, even if Guohao's shielding signal may be wrong, there is a reason for it. After all, biubiu was really exploded in line at that time, as expected of Fengchu. However, there are also a small number of people who think that this is a conflict within the team or a discord between the Ueno and the wild. Otherwise, the signal will not be blocked, and it is still openly blocked in the game. But soon, BLG also responded in the fan group. , said that the jungler Guohao player at that time pressed the wrong button and accidentally blocked the signal.