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GPS signal jammers play an important role in the border

Perfectjammer 2019-10-21

Military GPS Signal Jammer Be Used In Many Areas

RCIEDs have been effectively used in many regions and conflicts including Israel, the Balkans, Chechnya, Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) and Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom). RF GPS jammer or Bomb Jammers use RF jamming signals to defeat remote controlled improvised explosive devices or RCIEDs. The RF Jammer theory of operation is the same as an IED Jammer in that they both involve sending out RF Jamming signals to cause radio interference and attack the radio receiver of an improvised explosive device or IED and help prevent it from detonating. RF Jamming or IED Jamming of HF, VHF, UHF and Microwave radio frequencies enable the RF Jammer to reduce the risk of remote controlled improvised explosive devices from triggering. This kind of jamming weapon is the main trend of research in various countries. It has the characteristics of low cost, high cost performance and more lethal effects

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Over on the LimeSDR CrowdSupply blog, Ogün Levent has submitted a short article about his "Dronesense" project. Dronsense is a spectrum-scanning and GPS jammer system based on the LimeSDR. The LimeSDR is a US$299 12-bit TX/RX capable SDR that can tune between 100 kHz – 3.8 GHz, with a maximum bandwidth of up to 61.44 MHz.

Active drone jammer are programmed to continuously jam on pre-programmed frequencies. Active jammers can either spread available power across all programmed frequency bands (barrage jamming), or they can cycle power through programmed frequency bands (sweep jamming) at a revisit rate quick enough to deny service of the target.

A common use of jammers in London is taxi and HGV drivers evading rules on maximum driving hours or trying to stop employers from tracking them. In other parts of the world, GPS jamming has been used for more sinister purposes. South Korea was subject to a major campaign of GPS jamming from North Korea in 2016, affecting ship and aircraft navigation.

Since increased power on a target normally provides more reliable suppression of the RCIED, reactive jamming is more effective in defeatingRCIEDs. However, as many RCIED transmission signals are at power levels below the resident EM environment, reactive jamming must be coupled with active jamming to provide full coverage against an array of high- and low-power RCIEDs.

The aim of jamming is to prevent electromagnetic communication or at least to reduce communications to a sufficient extent to cause transmission and reception delays.

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