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Wifi Jammer Prevents Internet Surfing

Perfectjammer 2020-11-24

In order to combat cybercrime, a British policeman proposed to attach wifi jammer to all criminals. Some people have difficulty applying this idea. In the past 20 years, the rise of new technologies has led to the rise of cybercrime. If hackers are amplified through series of movies or movies such as Mr. Robot or Hacker, then most of their activities on the Internet are illegal. To stop this threat, Gavin Thomas, chairman of the Association of Police Chiefs of England and Wales, proposed a simple solution: connect WiFi jammers to cybercriminals within a certain period of time to prevent such crimes. Block connection to the Internet.

Gavin Thomas told The Telegraph: "We must stop applying 19th century sentences to 21st century crimes." "The cost of putting someone in jail for a year is 38,000 pounds (43731 euros). If you look at the statistics of short-term imprisonment, the rate of recidivism is particularly high."

Solutions to any problems
This solution seems simple, but its application is very complicated. In an interview with The Guardian, security consultant Cal Leming said that jamming devices can easily be hijacked. Especially because cybercriminals only need to use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Web. For Darren Martyn, who is also a consultant, the use of wifi jammers can also affect people near the criminals, and thus those within the interference zone.

Mary Aiken, professor of cyber psychology at the University of Dublin, believes that the best way to combat cybercrime is through education. For her, it is necessary to "re-evaluate the impact of technology on youth." Mary Aiken is committed to establishing an educational program to increase young people's digital awareness and improve their skills.