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Signal jamming weapons also have offensive and defensive capabilities

Perfectjammer 2019-10-21

War Weapon Military Signal Jammer

Whatever the target of a GPS jammer, the devices do not discriminate, so there is usually additional collateral damage. Air Traffic Control (ATC), search and rescue operations, the electric grid and mobile phone services are all vulnerable to GPS jamming fallout. The London Stock Exchange has been subject to repeated GPS outages, affecting timestamping of financial transactions. In 2007, a navy exercise on loss of GPS communications in San Diego harbor meant that residents of the city were unable to withdraw cash from ATMs and doctors’ emergency pagers stopped working – it took 3 days to identify the ships as the cause. As jamming activity from civilian users becomes more prevalent, we risk similar disruptions as well as more fatal incidents such as aircraft colliding over populated areas.

The Military IR GPS jammer is the top of the line in infrared missile protection. It sends out a short laser burst at the incoming missile, disabling its sensor 'eye' and causing it to wander off target. Recent developments in this technology have improved its reliability, and very few missiles make it through its 'screen'.

Radar capabilities such as synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging, multiple degrees of agility, and a wide spectral range – coupled with the introduction of cognitive/adaptive EW jamming techniques – have dramatically increased the complexity and cost of developing effective test environments.

RFM technology has been increasingly used in ECM signal jammer systems to deny and/or deceive radar systems. As a result, modern radar systems have developed methods to quickly detect “synthetic” DRFM-generated signals and identify them as jamming signals rather than tracking them as valid targets. 

Additionally, the move toward multicore GPU servers for complex radar signals will accelerate as machine learning and artificial intelligence are employed in radar and jammer systems to enable cognitive/adaptive capabilities.

uckey was referring to other counter-drone systems that seek to disable their targets by using electronic warfare, typically by jamming the unmanned aircraft's links to a ground control station. The hope is that this would cause it to fall out of the sky or initiate a pre-programmed emergency function that tells it to return to the point of launch. U.S. Marines used just such a system earlier this year to knock down two Iranian drones in the Strait of Hormuz.

GPS jammers are designed to intentionally block, jam or interfere with permitted wireless communications, such as text blockers. I've used my phone a few times in movie theaters over the years. In the middle of the movie, people's phones rang. If you use a GPS jammer, you don't have to worry about this rudeness. As a parent, you need to choose to cut off your cell phone signal as needed so that you have the ability and authority to cut off the Wi-Fi in your home. By the way, this jammer also supports GPS jamming. This means that even if you are being tracked or monitored by a car navigation system or GPS logger, you can jam your GPS and get away. It can be said to be a widely used product. If you have a GPS system installed and you think it can be recovered if it is stolen, don't do it. Thieves know this too. They can use GPS jammers to interfere with tracking systems.

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