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Other Benefits Of Jammers

Perfectjammer 2020-01-08

other benefits jammers

IIn our impression we only know that the cell phone blocker can block the signal, we do not know what effect the cellphone jammer has, in this article you will learn about the advantages of a jammer.

Handy Signal Jammers benefits

A cell phone jammer prevents and deactivates all cell phone communication in certain area.3

s of a building or in open space ....

• Prevent industrial espionage when mobile devices are used as eavesdropping devices or for taking photos (camera phones)
• Terrorism threats such as B. counteracted detonated bombs in high-risk areas
• Eliminate public nuisance in places like cinemas, restaurants, and churches

How cell phone signal blocker works

Mobile phones are 2-way radios that communicate via cell towers. A cell phone signal jammer works by sending strong signals over the same frequencies used by mobile units to effectively break communication between the device and the cell tower. The result is a non-functioning mobile unit that indicates "no network".

Cellular Jammers Physical Description

It comes in different sizes and shapes. Some are pocket size, some are much larger. Some are disguised as normal cell phones or short cases.

Considerations before buying a jamming cell phone:

• What is the effective fault range (10-50 + meters)
• Which cellular systems can it block (CDMA for North America, GSM for Europe and Asia, TDMA, 4G, 3G repeater, PC, DCS or all?)
• How many cellular systems (cdma etc.) can it block at the same time (low-end models block only one type at a time, while more complex systems block several systems at once)
• Appearance: normal unit or disguised as another type of device?
•Height Weight

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