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Standiby Rock Block Cell Phone

Zagar Jaka 2022-01-10

The school has installed Standiby Rock Block Cell Phone on every floor of the dormitory. There is no mobile phone signal in the dormitory, so it is impossible to contact the outside world in time. On the evening of March 1, an unnamed netizen sent the above information to the Zaobao reporter online, complaining about Jinjiang A middle school restricts their freedom of communication, and the mobile phone becomes a decoration. The reporter went to verify the report yesterday. Yesterday around 11 am, I came to the entrance of the middle school for an interview. A high school girl confirmed the netizen's complaint. She said: "The dormitory building is already equipped with cell phone jammer . As long as you go back to the dormitory after class, the mobile phone has no signal." The cousin who came to pick her up said: "Her mobile phone often has no signal, and she can't contact her in time. If If there is a real emergency, you have to tell the security guard, and then communicate it through the security guard.”

Xiao Su, a second-year junior, also said that Standiby Rock Block Cell Phone was installed in the dormitory building of the high school, but not installed in the junior high school, but she heard that the junior high school will also install mobile phone jammers. Several high school boys further revealed that the school installed mobile phone signal jammers in the second semester of last year, and the mobile phone jammers were installed in their dormitory buildings. To make a phone call, you have to use the dormitory phone.” When we asked if they had cell phones, a boy shouted, "No signal, no cell phone!" We followed a few boys to the high school boys' dormitory. In the dormitory on the second floor, a boy led a reporter to find the cell phone jammer in the corridor. Then I tried a few calls with my cell phone in the hallway, and the phone got through. "The phone jammer is sometimes on, sometimes off, maybe it's not on now," the boys said. A boy said: "Mobile phone jammers give people a headache, and three or four classmates have this feeling."