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You Block Your Cell Phone Number

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perfectjammer png2022-01-16

You Block Your Cell Phone Number

The Liaoning Provincial College Entrance Examination Command Center detected suspected signals of cheating in the college entrance examination at individual test sites in Fuxin and Liaoyang through technical means, and immediately launched an investigation.

That morning, the Public Security Bureau of Fuxin Mongolian Autonomous County successfully cracked a case of cheating in the college entrance examination using radio tools and arrested them.

3 suspects were arrested, and 1 fugitive suspect is under arrest. This operation also confiscated several sets of communication tools for cheating in the college entrance examination, including 3 laptop computers, 1 desktop computer, 7 sets of You Block Your Cell Phone Number equipment, and 4 receiving devices.

According to reports, in Fuxin City's alleged cheating case in the college entrance examination, four suspects sent answers to the examination room in a rented house and charged 10,000 yuan per subject.

In addition, we learned from the Tieling Municipal Public Security Bureau that on the morning of the 8th, the Municipal Public Security Detachment received a report from the Municipal Admissions Office that in a residential building near Diaobingshan High School in Tieling City, "Tian Mou who was using the cell phone jammer device to cheat , Song was captured."

The relevant person in charge of the Tieling City Public Security Detachment introduced that the two confessed to the fact that they used mobile phone jammer equipment to help Tian's child cheat.

At the same time, the police seized two other suspects Lu and Dong on the third floor of the building who were suspected of assisting in cheating in the college entrance examination. They confiscated a set of radio transmitters on the spot.

The two confessed to the fact that they purchased the equipment to assist their son in the college entrance examination. . At present, the suspect involved in the case has been handed over to the Diaobingshan Public Security Bureau. According to the Education Department of Liaoning Province, in order to prevent cheating by using high-tech means, all examination rooms in the province have installed communication You Block Your Cell Phone Number.

During the test, the relevant departments arranged for radio signal vehicles to patrol around the test center. "It only takes 10 minutes at the fastest to find the source of suspicious signals around the test center, and it can even be accurate to a certain car or a building around the test center.

According to the relevant staff, due to the point-to-point suppression, the radio monitoring vehicle will not cause any interference to the radio communication in the examination room, including the playback of English listening, nor will it affect the normal communication of mobile phones around the examination room.

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