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Block Number On Cell Phone Texting

Perfectjammer 2022-01-21

Block Number On Cell Phone Texting

If it is really installed with Block Number On Cell Phone Texting in the office building, then as long as it is in the area where the shield is placed, all mobile phones will not be able to make calls, send and receive text messages, and surf the Internet normally. It is impossible that some mobile phones are busy, some mobile phones are noisy, and some mobile phones can be used normally. Look at whether the Apple, ZTE and Samsung mobile phones that your Xiaomi mobile phone told you are the cards of the same operator. For example, you are all mobile cards. If this happens, it should be a problem with the mobile phone. Because cell phone jammer is impossible to selectively block for numbers. If it is not a card under an operator, only your card is different from others. For example, everyone else is China Mobile and China Unicom, and yours is a telecom card, then it should be the signal transmission tower of the telecom near your unit building. far away, resulting in poor cell phone signal.

The signal received by the mobile phone comes from a nearby base station, and the signal sent by the mobile phone also passes through the base station. Therefore, the base station is the bridge for mobile phone signal transmission. The coverage of the base station signal is limited. If your work place is not within the coverage of the base station, you must not receive the signal, or if you are far away from the base station, the received signal will be very weak. Also Block Number On Cell Phone Texting is transmitted through electromagnetic waves. When the electromagnetic waves encounter obstacles, part of the energy will be reflected. The amount of emission is related to the characteristics of the obstacles. If the obstacles are all metal, they will all be reflected (all reflected, you receive The received signal is 0). Therefore, the signal received by your mobile phone is very weak, or the signal sent by the base station may be reflected by obstacles (other buildings). The amount of reflection in different areas is different, which will result in different signal quality in different areas. Of course, if the sensitivity of the mobile phone is higher (the ability to receive weak signals is strong), the mobile phone can talk more smoothly under the same signal quality.

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