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Dial Block Caller Id Cell Phone Is Suitable For Meeting Rooms

Perfectjammer 2022/01/22

In order not to be interrupted by the sudden ringing of the mobile phone during the meeting, or for the participants to concentrate on listening to the meeting content, and to prevent the meeting content from being leaked, using the meeting room Dial Block Caller Id Cell Phone is a very wise choice. Conference room cell phone jammers suitable for use in small conference rooms. At present, in the market of conference room cell phone jammers, they are mainly divided into built-in antennas and external antennas. Then, should conference room Cell Phone Jammer choose built-in antennas or external antennas? . A conference room with a relatively small area is a conference room mobile phone signal jammer that can choose an external antenna. This kind of mobile phone signal jammer with an external antenna is often cheaper and relatively economical. Let's put aside the quality and craftsmanship. Some of the antennas of the conference room mobile phone jammers with external antennas are even of different lengths, which will definitely affect the overall aesthetics of the conference room environment, and the cooling fans of the conference room mobile phone signal jammers It is exposed outside, and there will definitely be noise, but it will affect the order of the meeting room in the conference room.

Choose the conference room Dial Block Caller Id Cell Phone with built-in antenna, the antenna is completely invisible from the outside of the mobile phone jammer, so that the antenna is not exposed, and the built-in antenna is also a kind of protection for the antenna. If the mobile phone signal jammer in the conference room with an external antenna needs to be transferred, and the antenna is accidentally bumped during the transfer process, it is easy to knock off the antenna, so that the machine can no longer be used and needs to be returned to the factory for repair. Continued use will cause the radio frequency module inside the conference room cell phone signal jammer to burn out. If the mobile phone jammer with built-in antenna needs to be transferred, it is very convenient. You can directly grab the groove handle on the back of the machine, which is simple and convenient. Even if there is a slight bump, the internal antenna will not fall off, which can ensure the mobile phone signal in the conference room normal use of the jammer. To sum up, it is recommended to choose a mobile phone jammer with a built-in antenna when purchasing a conference room signal shielding device.