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Telus Cell Phone Number Block

Perfectjammer 2022-01-17

Telus Cell Phone Number Block

Vehicle-mounted electronics Telus Cell Phone Number Block In practical applications, the antenna should be made small and concealed. As long as it is a customer, it will be the same. However, the key parameters of the antenna used in the cell phone jammer are carrying power and gain. The car antenna has to withstand the power of 50-100W. There is a necessary condition. The antenna cannot be as thin as a wire, nor can it only be as large as a palm, otherwise the power is enough to burn the antenna itself. If the antenna of the electronic mobile phone jammer is made smaller (reduced in size or height), the gain value of the antenna will be reduced a lot. Take an omnidirectional antenna as an example, the gain value of the frequency below 500MHz is usually 0-3dB, and the frequency is 500MHz. Above, the gain value is 7-8dB.

After the antenna is made small, in terms of gain value, the gain value below 500MHz will be reduced to a negative value, generally -5 to -2dB. And above 500MHz, the gain value is only 3-5dB. The gain value of the antenna directly affects the range of the electronic Telus Cell Phone Number Block signal. For every 3 dB difference in the gain value, the power difference is doubled. For example, for a 100W module exporting RF power, a conventional omnidirectional antenna with a gain value of 8dB is used. It can be transmitted normally and the signal coverage is also suitable. If it is changed to a small-sized antenna with a gain value of 5dB, the gain value of the antenna will be reduced by 3dB, and the power will be doubled. That is, the module with the original output power of 100W will immediately It becomes only 50W effective transmit power. This is a waste of RF power consumption and power consumption.

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