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Hard Block Stolen Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2022-01-17

Hard Block Stolen Cell Phone

Yesterday, Wuhan ushered in what is called the most stringent college entrance examination in history, and it was launched for the first time in the college entrance examination Hard Block Stolen Cell Phone . Cheating and exams always seem to go hand in hand, and the "dark war" between cheating and anti-cheating has never stopped. In the past, cheating in the college entrance examination was usually carried and passed notes, but now it is changing to cheating methods using high-tech tools such as mobile phones, wireless earphones, and micro scanners. High-tech cheating is increasing year by year. In 2004, there were 41 cases of mobile phone cheating in the college entrance examination in our province, 89 cases in 2005, and 149 cases in 2006. There are always people who better than you. In response to the escalating high-tech cheating in the college entrance examination, the admissions department of our province has successively introduced anti-cheating measures in recent years. In 2004, our province promised to consciously abide by the national education examination discipline and relevant regulations in the college entrance examination. In 2007, the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China conducted the first "electronic tour" in the Wuhan examination room. After the "electronic eyes" installed in the Ministry of Education, the provincial examination institute and the examination room were connected to the Internet, the examination room could be viewed "remotely", and the examinees' every move was clearly visible. In 2008, Wuhan City conducted radio monitoring of 73 test centers for the first time, cell phone jammer to prevent unscrupulous persons from cheating by radio means. During the college entrance examination, mobile monitoring vehicles and inspection vehicles equipped with portable monitoring equipment will conduct mobile inspections around the test site. In 2010, the province launched metal detectors, and candidates entering the test center are like going through a full-body "security check" before boarding a plane, mainly to prevent fraudulent use of electronic equipment.

This year, all 63 college entrance examination centers in Wuhan are equipped with more than 2,000 mobile phone signal shielding devices. By transmitting noise waves on the same channel, the normal communication signals of mobile phones and base stations are submerged in noise to prevent cheating. Turn on Hard Block Stolen Cell Phone 15 minutes before each test (after the English Subject Test listening test). "The number you dialed is temporarily unavailable." At about 10 am yesterday, it was the time for the Chinese language test of the college entrance examination. At noon, when I contacted again, I learned that Mr. Zhu was in the teacher's lounge at the time, where a mobile phone jammer was installed, and the mobile phone had no signal. Rough inventory, in Wuhan, each candidate must pass at least 8 "inspection levels": signing the letter of integrity, prohibiting mobile phones and watches from entering the examination room, metal detector "security check", checking whether the person and relevant documents match, invigilator, examination Indoor "electronic eye", mobile phone signal jammer, radio monitoring and inspection. Upgrades are working. In 2010, a total of 95 illegal candidates were investigated and punished in the general college entrance examination in our province (85 during the examination period and 10 during the marking period). Among these illegal candidates, 12 people brought communication tools, 9 people plagiarized, 1 person was peeping, 30 people were entrained, 21 people used communication tools to cheat, 2 people took the test on their behalf, 6 people carried items outside the regulations, and took their answer cards out of the examination room. 1 person, tear up the answer sheet or test paper 3 people, mark 1 person on the test paper, 1 person destroy the answer sheet of others, and 8 people cheat. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, our province has canceled the registration qualification for this year's general college entrance examination for those candidates who use communication tools to cheat and ask others to take the test on their behalf. Experts said that in order to fundamentally curb cheating in the college entrance examination, in addition to conducting integrity education and using high-tech means, the legal system should also be improved as soon as possible.

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