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Can Cell Phone Case Block Signal

Stratton Nick 2022-01-19

First see if there is Can Cell Phone Case Block Signal If yes, turn it off. Generally, there is an external switch. If it doesn't work, unplug the power. Generally, it is installed near the ceiling distribution box in the corridor. Be smart and don't get caught. Try different mobile phones of different operators. It's not the operator or the mobile phone. The mobile signal is in the toilet, the bed is good, the telecommunications are good, the telecommunication signal is good on the balcony of the second and third year, and there is a high probability that there is no signal in the bed, and when the first year of high school is set, it will turn on cell phone jammer , the second and third year of high school If you don't have a mobile phone, Apple's signal is really not as good as Huawei's. I bought a second-hand Huawei mobile phone and hung it on the balcony to use as a hotspot (pay attention to waterproofing and charging). The signal in your area is not good. Find more people to play together. If you have the opportunity to add base stations for one or two months, it will be almost the same (I don't know the speed of other areas). After a month of playing, the mobile signal will obviously improve. In recent years, with the popularity of the Bluetooth headset market, TWS headsets have quietly changed the development trend of the headset industry, and the tester industry related to Bluetooth headsets has also undergone tremendous changes.

In the past few years, Can Cell Phone Case Block Signal generally only had the basic test function, and because the Bluetooth connection distance was long, it would often go to other places, and the headset is different from the audio, the audio sound is external, and the products connected to other places will have sound. Where is the connection, and the sound of the earphone is not connected to other places, it is completely impossible to find where it is connected. In order to solve this problem, the original solution that came to mind was to equip a shielded room and let employees perform tests in the shielded room. Basically, every Bluetooth tester needs to be equipped with a shielded room, because the double shielded room is a closed space, the space is small, and it is hot and airtight. In summer, it has to be equipped with an air conditioner, which greatly increases the cost of the factory, and because Uncomfortable working environment in shielded rooms Many employees are reluctant to work in shielded rooms, which increases the difficulty of recruiting and higher labor costs. In response to the serial connection problems of traditional bluetooth testers and the problem that employees are unwilling to test in the small and stuffy shielded room, in June 2020, we took the lead in launching a mobile phone signal jammer with its own super shielding function. The need for a shielded room can perfectly solve the problem of serial connection on the production line, as well as the uncomfortable working environment that must be tested in a shielded room, so that employees no longer need to stay in a small and stuffy shielded room, which not only reduces production costs The investment has also improved the comfort of the employees' working environment, and improved the efficiency of production line testing from two aspects: solving serial problems and improving the comfort of the working environment.