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Does Target Block Cell Phones Work At Zero Cost

Perfectjammer 2022/01/26

I live in a second-tier city in China. Some time ago, I found a candid video of a hotel in my city on the Internet. I suddenly felt that the candid filming was so close to me, and I often travel for business. - I don't want to be an internet celebrity! Now that technology is advanced, door locks, sockets, routers... As long as an inconspicuous gap, it may become a place for criminals to take pictures, and various methods on how to prevent candid photography have recently become a topic of discussion among major portals. topic. However, when we go out, how can we protect our privacy from being peeped? I found several ways to Does Target Block Cell Phonescovertlensdevice on the Internet, and I'm looking for answers with you all. At present, there are two types of cameras on the market. One of them is equipped with an infrared light on the periphery of the surveillance lens in order to record clearly at night. Since the human eye cannot see the infrared band, we can use the mobile phone lens to identify it for us. This is also the " Cell Phone Jammer " with "zero cost and easy to use" circulating on the Internet, the purpose is to find the infrared light of the camera through the camera lens.

In the actual test, this function does play a role in detection of cameras with infrared devices, and the mobile phone can detect infrared points. However, from the various candid shooting cases, most of the tools used are pinhole cameras without infrared assistance. So Does Target Block Cell Phones has a limited effect. Another detection method is to use detection apps, which are either paid or free to download. It is to detect the candid camera through the magnetic sensor of the mobile phone. If it is detected that there is a camera working nearby, the index will skyrocket. But in fact, this method has a big flaw, that is, because the magnetic sensor needs to be quite close to the lens, it will be discovered. If it faces the ceiling, which cannot be touched, the software detection can't do anything. Therefore, we can only use the app detection method as a reference. There are candid photography equipment for sale online, and naturally there will also be anti-candid photography tools. The VESANY signal detector in my hand is a tool that can detect candid camera equipment. If there is a candid camera nearby, the mobile phone jammer will immediately alert you. Really so smart? Let's take a look together.