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Microwave Cell Phone Tower Blocking

Perfectjammer 2022-01-20

Microwave Cell Phone Tower Blocking

With the development of the information society, the recording conditions such as mobile phones and voice recorders are very convenient. I am very worried about being recorded when chatting, especially in business negotiations (such as legal negotiations, contract negotiations and other legal relationship communication) or other important matters. , I am very worried that it will be recorded by the other party and become evidence against myself. In reality, some people often ask me, I want to talk to someone about something important, but I'm worried about the other party's recording, and the other party will also worry about my recording, forming evidence against me. How can we prevent those valuable conversation information from being stolen by others? Microwave Cell Phone Tower Blocking Can block conversation recording, but cell phone jammer can block mobile phone signals and WiFi signals at the same time, which is more practical.

If both parties to the negotiation are girls or boys, you can make an appointment to talk about things in the bathhouse or bathing center. Generally, mobile phones and voice recorders cannot be used in water, so it is the safest to talk about things in water. Avoid recording equipment in the bathhouse! There is also a way to get rid of the trouble of being recorded, that is Microwave Cell Phone Tower Blocking , it can send out ultrasonic waves with random noise, when the mobile phone is recording, it is recorded with the noise and the voice of the conversation at the same time, all you hear is the noise, Naturally, it interferes with the phone recording. And you can also block the recording in the video.

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