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Telus Block Number Cell Phone Can Affect Magnetic Fields

Perfectjammer 2022/01/22

Many victims use tin caps to shield electromagnetic waves, which is of no use. Is there any other way. Thick metals such as elevators, Telus Block Number Cell Phone can only be shielded for a few seconds. That's because the metal box has no ground wire. The metal lattice absorbs electrons, but stops when it is full. So the excess charge must be directed into the ground. Otherwise, the brain controller uses microwave beams to provide energy to the metal wall to cause the electrons to undergo energy level transitions, thereby penetrating the metal. That tin cap strap needs to be grounded on the head. In addition, a battery can be connected to the tin cap (pay attention to control the current, the metal heats up). In addition, the battery can also generate an electric field to interfere with electromagnetic waves on the tin cap. Cell Phone Jammer An artificial black hole made by using the principle of electric potential difference, a small metal ball is surrounded by a large metal ball, and the two balls are separated by a space and maintain a physical distance. The outer metal ball is connected to the negative (positive) pole of the battery, and the inner metal ball is connected to the positive (negative) pole of the battery. This creates an electric field that attracts the inner layer to the outer layer. The two schemes can be used together to absorb electrons and generate electricity.

By injecting a resonator (passive crystal oscillator) into the brain in the ear canal, just like the mobile phone signal can only transmit several tens of centimeters, it needs to be connected by the high-power resonant electromagnetic wave transmitted by the voltage of several hundred volts of the mobile phone base station tower and the resonance of the mobile phone circuit. long-distance signal transmission. The crystal oscillator injected by the criminals into the victim's brain can mix the victim's brain waves in the same thread in the circuit, and at the same time connect with the resonant frequency of the external base station to generate resonant electromagnetic waves and entrain the victim's brain waves together. At the same time, the criminals use Telus Block Number Cell Phone equipment to receive the victim's brain waves to read the victim's brain and gain insight into the victim's mind. The principle of the equipment used by the brain controller is very simple. They filter out the electromagnetic waves of frequencies other than 20hz-20000hz1, and then amplify and drive the speakers to hear the sound of your vocal cord signals (there are very few electromagnetic waves with frequencies in this range). , unless you are implanted with electrodes, crystal oscillators will not emit and receive electromagnetic waves of these frequencies). The sound signal is not a single frequency but a spectrum, just as a sentence has Doremi trembling with different tones representing different frequencies. So it is not possible to lock to a single frequency. Instead, it filters out signals outside your sound spectrum to amplify and drive the speakers. So listen to the sound of your brain silently.