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Rfid Blocking Cell Phone Wallet Solves The Root Of The Problem

Perfectjammer 2022/01/21

Mobile phones are very important to everyone these days. It used to be a phone call and a text message. Today's mobile phone is a very important element in life. Before going out every day, you must first check whether you have your mobile phone with you before you can go out with peace of mind. Without a mobile phone for a day, it seems like you are missing your soul. With mobile phones, many people start to struggle. What should I do if the mobile phone signal at home is poor? What should I do if the mobile phone at home often fails to connect? What should I do if the mobile phone signal at home is poor? Then we start to try to solve the above problems. The mobile phone signal is not good, there are basically two problems. 1. Whether the mobile phone is normal 2. Whether the base station that provides the mobile phone signal is normal. 3. Whether there is signal shielding, etc. Rfid Blocking Cell Phone Wallet Existence Then we will start to use the elimination method to find the root cause of the problem. First of all, we can use the method of comparison to rule out whether it is a mobile phone problem. If two or more mobile phones are in the same place and the mobile phone signal is not good, or the same operator, then the signal in this place is really bad. It is basically a base station problem or an Cell Phone Jammer device with signal shielding nearby. This makes it clear that it is the operator's problem, then you need to find the operator to come over and solve the signal problem for you.

Sometimes there is such a situation that the mobile phone signal is full. But the video or speed test is very slow, what is the reason for this. This involves the load of the operator's base station. The operator's base station also has an uplink and downlink load. If the load is exceeded, the current will be limited. To ensure telephone communication, the traffic will be placed second. So if you encounter such a problem, you need to complain to the operator to solve the problem. If you don't complain to the operator, the signal in your place is very good by default. The traffic is also sufficient, and everyone is very harmonious. In addition, some friends are also thinking about whether to use the Rfid Blocking Cell Phone Wallet method to improve this signal problem, but the premise of mobile phone signal jammers is that you have a good signal outdoors. If your outdoor signal is also very weak, your experience at that time will also be very bad. When the signal is full, it is difficult to make a phone call. Therefore, the solution of this signal jammer is also very limited. This thing still needs to be pragmatic. In addition, you have to buy a mobile phone signal jammer yourself, and spending money does not mean that it has a good effect. Therefore, the problem of poor signal still has to take the path of complaining to the operator. The equipment that the operator configures for you is guaranteed for life, because you call them if it breaks down, and they will come to replace it for you and debug it for you. It's just electricity bills. If the equipment you bought is broken, you have to pay for it to be repaired yourself.