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Robocall Blocker For Cell Phones Blocking Signal Sources

Perfectjammer 2022/01/23

I think the anti-drone equipment does not cut off the gps signal, but can transmit the wrong gps signal, so that the drone can't understand its own positioning, so it can fly blindly and blow up the aircraft. According to my experience, when the drone takes off, if there is a GPS transponder next to it, it will basically explode. According to my superficial understanding, the signal cannot be cut off unless the source of the signal is directly operated. The usual so-called Robocall Blocker For Cell Phones shielding is just high-power coverage and interference. That is, increasing the noise, thereby reducing the signal-to-noise ratio. But there is a shortcut to GPS interference, that is, to transmit fake GPS signals like a repeater. Confused the plane itself. And this kind of Cell Phone Jammer is extremely difficult to identify, because from the perspective of the flight control terminal, what he received is the real GPS signal, and he is walking according to the signal, there is nothing wrong! In this case, there is no way for the aircraft to turn off the GPS function, thus entering the optical flow hover. Because he doesn't know the gps has been hacked.

Of course, this is a difficult point, and I do not rule out that there are flight control engineers who can overcome this situation. The above is the anti-drone device that I am obsessed with gps signal interference. I don't know if there is any on the market, but it should be able to do it anyway. If you are inspired, remember to make money. In addition to the GPS, data transmission, and image transmission interference equipment, I think it is a pediatric department, or it is more benevolent. Robocall Blocker For Cell Phones gps We can completely operate the attitude, manual operation, and interfere with the digital image transmission. The aircraft can completely set the route to perform the task. If there is full interference...the aircraft can completely maintain its attitude and enter the automatic landing logic. As for IMU navigation, missiles can do this, and drones seem to be sensors that are not so useful. The positioning based on optical flow is OK, and the navigation is not very good, but you can try it. The collaborative use of multiple systems can better improve positioning, navigation accuracy and reliability. You are talking about drones that can only be shot down by physical means, but in reality there are missiles.