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Cell Phone Blocker Schematics

Perfectjammer 2022-01-19

Cell Phone Blocker Schematics

In the judicial examination area in Jiangsu, some test centers will use the most advanced face recognition system to "swipe their faces" for authentication of candidates, which is called the "most strict" anti-cheating measures in Jiangsu. The relevant person in charge of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice introduced that this year, the Jiangsu judicial administrative organ will work with the education, public security, radio management and other departments to adopt a variety of advanced means and methods to strictly prevent the occurrence of cheating. In addition to using "face recognition" to prevent cheating, metal detection, radio detection, Cell Phone Blocker Schematics and shielding will cover the entire examination room, and the examination situation of each candidate will be monitored in real time throughout the whole process. In addition, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice will also reward anti-cheating: reward on-the-spot invigilators who find cheating on the spot, and reward those who report and prevent group cheating. In addition to the Jiangsu examination area for the judicial examination, various cell phone jammer equipments in other examination areas across the country are also on the battlefield, using technological means to build a network to prevent cheating in the examination.

In the Guangxi test area, each test room is equipped with a full-time real-time video surveillance system, Cell Phone Blocker Schematics , ID card recognition devices, metal detectors and other anti-cheating equipment. Through the video surveillance system of the Admissions Examination Institute and each examination area, the monitoring personnel will monitor all the examinations in the whole district. Wireless committees at all levels have deployed radio signal monitoring vehicles at test sites to monitor radio signals around the test room. Last year, the Henan test area increased the verification and review of the second-generation ID card and the on-site photo comparison of fingerprint verification. This year, the Henan Provincial Department of Justice has installed a professional server for judicial examinations, changing the fingerprint identity authentication management system from a stand-alone mode to a network mode. The whole process of monitoring, comparison and preservation of ID photos, on-site photos and fingerprint information makes it difficult for those who cheat on the test to take advantage of the whole process.

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