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Add Blocker For My Cell Phone

Taibi Fatiha 2022-01-21

Through clever dressing, everything from sockets, lighters, to crutches, car keys, power banks and other daily necessities can be transformed into " Add Blocker For My Cell Phone " and sold through the Internet, forming an interlocking chain of interests, which is hard to prevent. Recently, Hangzhou Gongshu Court heard a case related to candid photography. In this public interest litigation case for the crime of illegally producing and selling special equipment for eavesdropping and eavesdropping, the six defendants in the upper reaches of the black interest chain were sentenced to one year and seven months respectively. Nine months in prison and fines ranging from 50,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan were imposed, which effectively cracked down on the phenomenon of indiscriminate production and sales of secret cameras. In 2019, the public security organs seized an " cell phone jammer " in a house in Gongshu District - this is not an ordinary electronic device, but a pinhole camera device dressed in the appearance of an electronic clock. The landlord, Xiao Gu, installed the "electronic clock" in his rental house, peeped at three female tenants, and stored a large number of candid videos on his mobile phone. After identification, this "electronic clock" is a special equipment for eavesdropping and photo-piracy.

Based on the UID codes on the seized equipment, the public security organs arrested 6 defendants in Shenzhen, dug up a complete black industrial chain behind the "electronic clock", and seized hundreds of equipment suspected of eavesdropping and eavesdropping on the spot, as well as parts and raw materials. More than 3000. Detects Add Blocker For My Cell Phone trackers, checks for tiny cameras that secretly record, checks for tiny bugs that collect sound, checks for hidden wireless emitting cameras. Check the hidden wireless transmitter bug, check the fixed hidden camera and bug, check the transmitter frequency coverage from 10MHz-12GH, and locate it accurately. Demodulate FM/AM modulated image signal, the frequency covers 900MHz-6GHz, can check the stored secret camera and secret recording device can check the line transmission secret camera and secret recording device