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Block 800 Numbers From Cell Phone

Perfectjammer 2022-01-22

Block 800 Numbers From Cell Phone

The truth is, you can't always be close to family or friends, but no matter how close you are to your phone, you can be close to them and communicate with them through your phone. Of course, there are some devices, Block 800 Numbers From Cell Phone is part of them. There are many types of cell phone jammers on the market, so if you want to block cell phone signals in a large area, you have to spend a lot of money to buy one of them. For an expensive jamming device, you can buy one of these portable devices, especially if your main goal is to block nearby people. In this case, I think a physical distance of about 5 meters is enough, especially when using it on the bus, when you want to make people quiet for a few minutes, such an cell phone jammer will definitely help. You can try AliExpress's mobile phone mixer.

Cell phone jammers in Japan emit stronger radio waves than base stations, even though they are closer to the phone than the base stations. Therefore, according to the Radio Law, you need to apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications to use it. It is now licensed as a cell phone experiment station. Strangely enough, the one already in actual use was approved as an experimental station. However, under current Japanese law, public stations for mobile phones are assumed to be base stations owned only by mobile phone carriers. So it seems like a high licence fee is required to be a practical station. Also, for Block 800 Numbers From Cell Phone, the license fee is borne by the theater where the device is installed. It's impossible for theaters to pay the same licensing fees as cell phone carriers. On the other hand, in the case of a test station, the license plate fee is 500 yen per vehicle per year. "Therefore, we consulted the Ministry of General Affairs and Transportation to temporarily handle it as an experimental station. Currently, we are requesting the Ministry of General Affairs and Transportation to develop a frame phone that is different from the experimental station." and base station. (Mr. Kawamoto, Managing Director of Macross Japan).

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