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Churches Block Cell Phone Signal Blocking Effect Is Diminishing

Perfectjammer 2022/01/20

The shielding effectiveness of a shielded room is the ratio of electric field strength, magnetic field strength or power before and after Churches Block Cell Phone Signal placement when the simulated interference source is placed outside the shielding body. How well a shielded room is built depends on the level of shielding effectiveness. So how is the shielding effectiveness of Cell Phone Jammer expressed? What is the reason for the reduced shielding effectiveness? The shielding effectiveness of cell phone signal jammers can be expressed by shielding coefficient or shielding attenuation. In the space protection zone, the ratio of the field strength (E0 or H0) when there is a shield to the field strength (E or H) when there is no shield, that is, E0/H0 or H0/H is called the shielding coefficient. The smaller the shielding coefficient, the better the shielding effect. The shielding effect can also be expressed by shielding attenuation, which represents the attenuation value of the interference field strength through the shielding body. Shield attenuation can be obtained by or - in decibels (dB). The larger the shielding attenuation value, the better the shielding effect.

Cell phone signal jammers always have various holes, such as doors, covers, meters, switches, etc., as well as wire penetrations, which damage the integrity of the shielding to varying degrees. In order to install switches, buttons, potentiometers, etc., it is often necessary to open round, square or rectangular holes on the shielding panel. The existence of slits on Churches Block Cell Phone Signal should be minimized, and the length of the slits should be controlled to be less than 1/20 of the wavelength of electromagnetic waves. For cell phone signal jammers that require natural ventilation or peering in. Generally, within 1~100MHz, the metal shielding mesh SE=60~100dB, and the glass interlayer metal shielding mesh SE=50~90dB. When using wire mesh as a peeping window, its transparency is poor. A conductive film is vacuum evaporated or sprayed on glass or organic medium film as an electromagnetic shielding body, which can be used to replace the metal wire mesh structure of glass interlayer. It has good light transmittance and is effective for shielding the electric field component in the electromagnetic field, while the shielding of the magnetic field component is relatively weak. Shielded wires and shielded cables are the most commonly used wires in electronic equipment to connect two shields. In order to ensure softness and easy bending, the outer shield is usually braided with multiple strands of metal wires.