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Who will use the GPS radio interceptor and how?

Pode Visar 2022/09/05

  About yesterday.Go to work as usual.When I went to sell, I immediately asked a few close colleagues that I couldn't see anything on the dashboard.Then, starting this month, some employees have been equipped with GPS tracking devices!

Who will use the GPS radio interceptor and how

  Officially, this is for safe driving, but data is sent to the boss every month.

  The only question is how much it costs to install such a thing, or how much time it will take employees!

  But! It doesn‘t work for me. Just as there is a radar that can catch the radio waves of an automatic control device (radar), there are convenient ones that are compatible with such devices.That's the GPS radio interceptor / satellite jammer.

  One charge lasts about 2 hours.Fortunately, car chargers are included, so you can charge them while you're driving.

  This can indeed be used to jam GPS devices installed in company cars.

  Until now, if the GPS was connected, the only solution was to find it and remove it.

  There are many GPS tracking applications on your smartphone (> Current location tracking function). Even if it is installed without permission, there are many cases where the person himself/herself does not notice it, and this is the same as someone‘s behavior being constantly monitored.Gps blocking protects your privacy from GPS tracking applications.

  Smartphones are convenient because they can do a lot of things, but the GPS app that is installed without your knowledge is quite a habit, and there is a possibility that other apps may leak personal privacy.I heard some people went back (to the garage) .

  Commercial vehicles to block the GPS radio wave method 1: Satellite Jammers

  There is a method to use items called satellite GPS jammers/satellite jammers to block GPS radio waves attached to commercial vehicles.With such a project, you can block GPS signals attached to business and corporate vehicles without the company's knowledge.As it is a radio jammer, it can not only block GPS, but also can block radio waves, such as mobile phones.

  It can be used simply by turning on the jammer switch, so you can block GPS radio waves when you want to, and receive GPS radio waves when you don‘t want to, so you won‘t be suspicious. If you switch it on and off, it just seems like your GPS is just out of order.

  It is also recommended to block GPS radio waves from commercial vehicles.