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    Where aremobile phone jammers generally used?

    This is an external antenna type examination room used to interfere with phone jammers. Mobile cell phone jammer Bluetooth deterrents are mainly used in laboratories, prisons, gas stations, cell phone bombs.

    2021-04-27 Salazar Gary

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    Mobile jammers worthy of our trust?

    In the face of this technological age, the electronic world is dazzling us, mobile phone jammers are really worth our trust, to prevent the progress of this information age?

    2021-04-26 Hudson Michael

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    How to avoid being monitored by GPS trackers?

    Recently I discovered that there is a device similar to a tracker under my car. I don’t know if someone is really monitoring me. GPS jammers can prevent this from happening?

    2021-03-23 Martin Jason

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    How to protect the laptop from hackers?

    Hi, everybody! I often do all kinds of different things on my laptop, from work to entertainment. But recently I read the news that malicious elements invaded your laptop via WiFi connection. Can I avoid it?

    2021-03-22 Newwin Hung

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    Is it possible to block cell phone signals throughout the school?

    Hello there! I have a client school and asked if it is possible to set up a system so that the entire school (internal) cannot use mobile phones. They have posted signs of mobile phones that are not allowed in school facilities, but neither students nor faculty and staff have complied with it! Therefore, the board requested the use of ".. cell phone jammers.." to prevent the use of all batteries in the building.

    2021-03-19 Highroller Jodi

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    How to block internet connection?

    Hello everyone! I have one necessary thing to do-this thing is to block the internet connection in the surrounding area. How can I do this in a reliable way?

    2021-03-15 Opsahl Josh

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    I think my phone is tapping. What can I do?

    Recently, I feel that my mobile phone has some strange activities. I always open some software by myself, most of which are positioning software. I doubt if I have been monitored. I can use a mobile jammer to stop them?

    2021-02-19 Tong Nina

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    Is there a device that can block wifi

    Sometimes, my children's practices are really unbearable and do not do well, and I try to prohibit the use of their PCs, laptops and the Internet. But I found out that my son was on Facebook while under house arrest. I doubt if he is connected to my neighbor’s wifi network

    2021-02-17 Gibson JM

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    How to overcome police jammer?

    Mobile police jammer are designed for mobile phones. First, you have to understand their working principle to know how to overcome mobile phone jammers.

    2021-01-27 Burks Christopher

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    GPS jammer can get rid of other people's tracking and positioning?

    GPS tracking is now widely used in schools, shopping malls, supermarkets, government departments and other public places. It can bring many benefits to our daily lives. At the same time, the downside is that many people claim to use GPS tracking devices to get to know other people. Confidentiality or privacy so that they can easily achieve their malicious goals. In this case, can I use a GPS jammer to protect my privacy?

    2021-01-07 Manasyan Hrant

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