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    GPS tracking devices transmit location information over cellular networks

    In some cases, satellite failures or solar flares may temporarily interrupt the transmission of GPS signals. The GPS jammers is different in that it emits radio signals or signal noise with the same frequency as the GPS device to cover or distort the GPS satellite signal. When this happens, the GPS device can no longer calculate its position because the satellite signal is masked by interference.

    2022-11-15 Florence

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    The mobile phone GSM operating system is defective

    In order to seize the market when mobile phone manufacturers produce mobile devices, the mobile phone operating system itself is not perfect, leaving a loophole in communication security that needs to be improved.

    2022-11-03 Florence

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    GSM jamming equipment is becoming a civil product

    Nowadays, mobile jamming devices are becoming civilian products rather than electronic warfare devices, because with the increase in the number of mobile phone users, the demand for disabling mobile phones in specific places where ringing and use of mobile phones will cause interference has increased.

    2022-11-03 Florence

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    Cell phone jammers maintain order in prison

    In order to achieve scientific control, it is necessary to install a mobile phone jammer. In view of the large construction area and high requirements of this site, it is necessary to usemobile phone jammers.

    2021-05-31 Fabio Diogo

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