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    Where aremobile phone jammers generally used?

    This is an external antenna type examination room used to interfere with phone jammers. Mobile cell phone jammer Bluetooth deterrents are mainly used in laboratories, prisons, gas stations, cell phone bombs.

    2021-04-27 Salazar Gary

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    Which wifi jammer is more suitable for home use

    I have seen a lot of signal jammers on the Internet and they look very good. I have been choosing to buy it hard. Can you recommend me a multi-band WiFi signal jammer for home desktop computers suitable for home use?

    2020-12-07 Bartley Andrew

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    Is it safe to use mobile banking apps on your smartphone?

    I often use mobile banking, and recently I discovered that my bank has released a mobile banking application on Google Play. I want to know is it safe to use these applications? I am not a real experienced user, and I am worried that someone may hack into my account. What can you tell me?

    2020-11-24 Smith David

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    Cell Phone Jammers Really Protect our Android Phones

    Hi, hello, I recently noticed some information on the Internet, which indicates that the Android operating system uses a weaker SSL version, which runs based on the RC4 algorithm, not the well-known reliable SHA1, so I want to know if this Danger?

    2020-10-31 Brevard Payton

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    How To Use Tile Tools Safely?

    Hi, I want to know how the Tile tool works, I didn't get it from the description. Tile seems to be a very useful gadget, but it is very good to make sure it is safe.

    2020-10-07 Nguyen Hung

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    Smart TV can collect users' browsing habits?

    Hi, I have seen that the latest smart TV can collect a large number of user browsing habits about users and share them with companies and advertisers. I want to know if it is real, and if it is, how can I stop it?

    2020-10-05 Mykolaitis Eimantas

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    Can you use the public network with confidence now?

    With the development and popularization of wifi networks, we are a ubiquitous wifi network. People cannot live without wifi. It has been connected to Internet media. Our own wifi may be hacked, let alone public wifi.

    2020-07-27 McDonald Lee

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    What is GPS jammer? Why use it?

    We often see information about the GPS jammers in the Internet. So what's the function of the device?

    2018-11-21 Douglas Kit

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    How to block cell phone signal in my house?

    When you're woken up late at night or early in the morning by a ringing phone, you're probably as angry as I am. Since my phone doesn't turn off when I sleep, so I am often woken up by unimportant calls. So now I want to block my cell phone while I sleep

    2018-06-30 Bridget Elizabeth

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    What frequency civilian gps use?

    I've heard that GPS trackers are now easily available in the United States, and there are often people who do it illegally. So I was very worried about my privacy and whereabouts being leaked. So I was very worried about my privacy and whereabouts being leaked. So, I want to know what frequency civil GPS generally USES, I want to block such signals, to protect their own security

    2018-06-10 Sarah Whitehead

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    Can teachers use cell phone jammers?

    I'm a techer. Although I know that using mobile phones can help students learn more knowledge. But I still can't stand it when students use mobile phones to chat or surf social software in class. I've heard that there's a device called a cell phone signal jammer that can jam cell phone signals. Can I buy and use it?

    2018-06-07 Nora Zechariah

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    What is the use of mobile jammer?

    Although I've heard about cell phone signal jammers for a long time, and this device has been mentioned more and more in recent years. But I don't know what the uses of such devices is.

    2018-06-07 Elva Noah

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