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Can a mobile phone jammer block the wireless signal?

Hi, everybody! What bothers me is one thing: Is it possible to somehow block the signal of the wireless LAN network in the area around me? I wonder if the cell phone jammer I bought before can stop it?

2021-04-14 at 10:30


If you don’t know, here is some information: Wireless LAN (also known as WLAN) is working with 2.4G frequency band (2400MHz frequency). Regarding this information, only one conclusion can be drawn-you need to use a wireless mobile cell phone jammer that can block the 2.4G band, so that you can also use the wireless LAN network. These wireless signal jammers have different sizes and interference powers, so they also have various blocking ranges. Therefore, in order to choose the right model by yourself, you need to accurately determine the distance to the WLAN to be blocked and the radius that must be covered by the blocking signal of the 2.4G jammer.

With the development of the Internet, the rapid development trend of wireless network technology has become a specific communication network in our daily life. Trends in wireless networks and cell phones have increased the overall number of cybercrimes, and external punishment for cybercrime is limited to most of the world in China. The prevalence of new technology applications in the past 20 years has led to the prevalence of cyber crimes. If robbers are enlarged by a series of films such as Mr. Robert Sr. or Internet hackers, the vast majority of their online activities are still illegal. To better resist harm, Gavin, Chief of Police for England and Wales, and current chairman of the Towan Society, clearly proposed an easy fix; what if we connect Wif jammers to cybercriminals?