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The court is a solemn area and should not be disturbed by telephone

Perfectjammer 2022/10/12

  The main purpose of purchasing a mobile phone signal jammer is to prevent cheating in exams. It is understood that the main purpose of purchasing is to prevent students from cheating in exams. Many students use mobile phones to cheat during exams. The school purchased 88 in order to prevent the recurrence of this phenomenon and ensure the fairness and impartiality of examinations. The Academic Affairs Office made such a decision because of the existence of cheating in exams. The cell phone signal blocker blocks not only the signal, but also the trust between students and teachers. What is the purpose of the exam? It is to test the learning results of this period of time. Cheating in the exam room may get a good result, but this is an act that is extremely irresponsible to oneself. What you get by cheating is not yours. There are no shortcuts to success, only through your own efforts will you gain something. Everyone has flukes, the difference is how to control it.

Jammign Device

  In my impression, cheating in the college entrance examination should be a difficult technical task. In the past cheating cases in the college entrance examination, the bluetooth earphones and myopia glasses as beautiful as a spy war blockbuster, the behind-the-scenes people who won thousands of miles in the hotel rooms around the examination room, and the students who did their best to find the gaps in the field in the face of danger, together constituted all the content of cheating in the college entrance examination. Today, when cheating methods are intelligent and special tools for cheating are intelligent, anti-cheating rules and regulations are naturally more complete. Metal detectors, and surveillance cameras make cheaters nowhere to hide. However, under such strict isolation, there will be a suspicious case in the 2022 college entrance examination: on the first day of the college entrance examination, a student in the mathematics class examination room submitted a photo of a mathematics test paper for the new college entrance examination across the country in 2022 to Xiaoyuansou On the question APP, the staff of Xiao Yuan Sou Question APP found out the screenshot and reported it. Tonight, when the admissions office of higher vocational colleges of Hubei Education and Examinations Institute was handling this matter, the suspected students' personal cheating behaviors have been evaluated, and the students have also recognized their own cheating behaviors, and based on this deal with. In later exams, many schools have adopted 88 to prevent the use of electronic equipment in the exam room.

  Prisons are places where criminals are detained, and there are likely to be terrorists in them. Because they should be strictly forbidden to communicate with the outside world, they should not be allowed to use mobile phones and other electronic products to communicate with the outside world, so as to prevent them from creating prison security threats. Therefore, the prison application mobile can avoid such things from happening. The people's court is an area that safeguards the interests of the common people and ensures that the whole process of the trial will be carried out smoothly without any external harm. As the people's court is a solemn area, it should not be disturbed by phone calls. Therefore, mobile 88 should be applied in court to ensure authority. Imagine if you were having a great concert or a good movie and there was a cell phone ringing the theater nearby and everyone was pissed. That's why the Art Center is equipped with mobile phone GPS jammers. On the one hand, it can prevent the mobile phone ringtone from affecting the performers of the song, and on the other hand, it can ensure that the audience has a stronger feeling.

  In addition, the wall will also weaken the shielding effect of the cell phone signal jammer. Because the data signal is stronger in the part close to the window, the actual effect of shielding will be weaker. The standard classrooms of colleges and universities are generally all about 75 square meters. Equipping a in each classroom can get good practical results. It can be placed in the middle of the classroom and can be shielded in a large area. Naturally, this should be clarified by integrating the switching power supply wiring. It is also common to place shields at the podium.