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Monitoring equipment: GPS interceptor blocks GPS tracking equipment


  Some of the others are even super mini sizes! Spy earphones have a rice body that‘s really hard to find when it‘s hidden behind the ear; bone conduction earphones that know where to receive the ear when they vibrate; some crazy guy implants the signal receiver into the scalp.More cheating tools have been discovered as police investigate.Although they have different looks, they have the same working principle of wireless cameras.

Monitoring equipment: GPS interceptor blocks GPS tracking equipment

  Today, the popularity of GPS devices has brought us great convenience. Have you ever wondered, where can the 300-500-meter GPS signal jeopher be used under the circumstances?GPS interceptor is a surveillance device to prevent GPS tracking devices from receiving GPS device signals. But in some cases, it is not enough to use a portable GPS signal interference. In order to get rid of this trouble, GPS interferes with the interceptor to helpThe interference distance of this GPS signal jammer shield cannot meet people's requirements.

  Over the past year, many candidates have been caught cheating on exams.all of these are against the rules and fair and serious - and should be punished.Eraser? No, it‘s a signal receiver, and other types of wireless spy cameras like glasses, watches.Preventing cheating tools by working manually isn‘t enough right now, you‘ll never know and be sure of the real thing you‘re seeing: a pen? This is a mini scanner.So we recommend the adjustable 7W powerful full Sprint Cell Phone Call Blocking and WiFi GPS jammer gps for checking exam cheating devices in the hall.

  Its disadvantage is that personal privacy is easy to be leaked, if someone malicious disclosure of personal whereabouts, it is not conducive to the safety of the owner.GPS blockers work in theory, but the effectiveness of interference varies from device to device.This is called a GPS jammers.Of course, the GPS positioning system is very conducive to our usual travel, only need to input the origin and destination system will automatically locate, planning the appropriate route, very convenient and time-saving.

  At present, the common positioning methods in the market are: satellite positioning, base station positioning, WIFI positioning. Each has its own characteristics and applies to the scene. The principle of localization is usually “triangulation“. That is, knowing the distance of the user to three fixed points, the user‘s position can be calculated.