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Use jammer to block a lightweight, reusable logistics tracker


  ThinTrack: A thin, reusable logistics tracker with a battery life of several years. ThinTrack has been unveiled at CES 2022 and uses Nestwave‘s low-power geolocation technology to significantly extend battery life. Nestwave is supported by Horizon 2020, the European Union‘s funding initiative. In an interview with EE Times, Nestwave CEO Ambroise Popper pointed to cost, battery life, and the need for dedicated hardware as market limits for traditional location-based solutions. Nestwave‘s goal is to provide location solution nodes for every iot. In addition, Nestwave‘s solution reduces the number of components and bill of materials (BoM) costs and extends battery life compared to traditional hardware-based designs. In addition to improving existing applications in terms of size and energy savings, Nestwave‘s proprietary technology enables geolocation in applications that were previously impractical. By combining lower power consumption with fewer components, these solutions contribute to environmental sustainability and a reduced carbon footprint.

WiFi Bluetooth Signal Jamming

  Positioning is typically provided by cellular modem chips for cellular network access, GPS chips for high external accuracy, and Wi-Fi chips for internal positioning of goods such as smartphones and sports watches. However, these systems are very power-hungry, especially when it comes to GPS ics. While this power consumption may be acceptable for consumer products that require regular charging, it is not enough for iot solutions designed to operate for long periods of time without having to replace or recharge the battery. Nestwave‘s solution is based on adding location capabilities to existing cellular iot chipsets by using GPS receivers as software IP. The IP, called NestCore, enables a very short first repair time, resulting in a substantial reduction in power consumption without compromising sensitivity or accuracy. The IP uses the existing radio and computing power of the modem chip, eliminates the need for an external GPS/GNSS chipset, and the software is compatible with existing devices, so it can be implemented without system redesign.

  In the Nestwave solution, embedded IP uses the device‘s local resources to extract time and distance information from satellites, 5G/4G base stations, and Wi-Fi access points. Unlike traditional methods, there is no need to download a large database to the device. The processed information is then sent to the cloud in very short messages, and Nestwave‘s NestCloud solution combines this information with auxiliary data to determine the actual location. Nestwave‘s NestCore IP allows operation with tiny batteries, and Samea‘s expertise in integrating radio functionality into space-constrained designs makes ThinTrack‘s compact form factor possible. The tracker is activated and each item‘s unique identity is read using a secure NFC smartphone app. Imagine a DHL package, fedex, you just need to put this 15g little device in an envelope or attach it to provide tracking. And thanks to our technology, these batteries last at least a year, and the cost is very reasonable.

  The battery takes up most of the size of the design. We chose a super flat and compact battery. The reason is that we want to be able to put it in FedEx type envelopes. That‘s why we decided to go with a very thin form factor. For other applications, like surveillance, maybe we can make it smaller in terms of height. Individual items such as packages and letters can be accurately tracked by inserting very thin waterproof devices into envelopes or plastic bags used to transport documents. It also provides an opportunity to prevent the theft of luggage and industrial tools. We urgently need sound and reliable guidance, advice and help to shape our responses and choices to meet the challenges posed by this confusing and technology-rich environment. For a better solution, you can visit our GPS jammers online store www.perfectjammer.com. It is a good choice to provide you with the help of various jammer products here.

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