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A drone light show disrupted by jammer devices in the ancient city of Xi 'an


  During a Chinese holiday, 1,374 drones took off from Xi ‘an‘s ancient city wall to perform a light show in aerial formation.It also set a Guinness World record for the most drones flying simultaneously.With the combination of drones and lights, classic shapes with Chinese elements, Shaanxi culture and Xi ‘an characteristics appear above the city wall in an amazing visual effect.However, due to the live broadcast of the show, many careful netizens and some live viewers found that some pattern combinations had incomplete graphics and garbled codes.

Lojack Jammer

  In addition, when the UAV was recovered, a UAV also appeared to fall, and some netizens joked that it was “suspected that the Milky Way fell nine days“.The UAV countermeasure Jammer mainly has three types: signal interference, acoustic interference and electric wave interference.The UAV is usually equipped with GPS positioning system.

  As long as the GPS jammers releases a certain power of directional radio frequency to the UAV, so that the UAV cannot obtain accurate coordinate data, the UAV flight operation may fail.The acoustic interference attacks the drone‘s gyroscope, which is responsible for keeping the drone‘s body balanced.It is found that when the frequency of sound wave is consistent with the natural frequency of UAV gyroscope, resonance will occur, which will affect the normal operation of the gyroscope and lead to the disorder of UAV flight.GPS Jammer will not cause drones to crash.

  Once the signal jammer is activated, the drone will land safely in the field, or it will make a safe “return home“ (if the GPS Jammer is not configured to interfere with the drone‘s GPS reception capability).Blockers are devices that block GPS signals and can be divided into simple and large models.The simple type can effectively cover GPS satellite tracking, while the large type can even cover mobile phone and WIFI signals, so the simple type is usually selected in use.

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