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Gps signal shield is mainly used to shield signals of various gps frequency bands


  Some criminals confuse candidates, saying that they can provide cheating tools to help candidates pass the exam smoothly. But it was finally discovered, and as a result, the future of these candidates changed. So, in such a large-scale examination, how to prevent fraud? According to our understanding, a thing called is used in these years. Why is the black technology examination room 88 so powerful? The signal blocker in the examination room is mainly used to block the signals of various frequency bands of mobile phones. Usually, fraudsters need to send out the information of the test paper through the mobile phone, or they need to send the answers back through the mobile phone. Therefore, blocking the mobile phone signal is the best way. Now, many people want to opportunistically, through such means to pass the exam. However, this method is unfair to other students who study hard. Therefore, it is still more important for schools to install mobile phone signal jammer gps in the examination room.

  in the examination room is to send radio waves to interfere with the connection between the mobile phone and the communication base station, so that the mobile phone cannot be used for normal calls and networking. The shielding effect of the test room 88 is determined by the distance from the nearby communication base station and its own power. If you want to select the test room shielding device in a targeted manner, you need to select it according to the specific environment of the use scene. Professional examination room shielding device supplier consultation.

There is basically no exam room with an exam room installed

   However, after using this machine for a period of time, it will heat up. The heat may affect the normal use of the machine. However, this is not certain. Only according to different brands, the heat dissipation capacity is also different. So, how does the test room signal device dissipate heat? The old-fashioned mobile phone signal shield in the test room can only be lowered slowly by the natural temperature. But now, most test room signal GPS jammers have fans installed. Not only are these fans quiet, but they also dissipate heat very well. It can help the instrument to lower the temperature for the first time. It is not so easy to crack 88 in the examination room. In addition, the technology is becoming more and more developed, and the products produced by many companies are becoming more and more advanced. Their company has now produced a device that works for all amplifiers. With the development of science and technology, I believe that the equipment in this area will only become more and more accurate in the future. If you want to be admitted to a good school, it is best to study hard. Only by studying hard is better than using any means.

Lojack Jammer

  For schools, buying a good test cell phone signal jammer has become a very important part of the work. Without the help of these s, it will become very common for students to use cell phones to cheat. And many times the invigilator is unpredictable. Moreover, the confiscation of students' mobile phones has not been advocated in the past two years, so the use of mobile phone signal jammers gps can achieve good results. However, what we need to pay attention to is that the shielding instruments used in schools today are very different from those in the past. They are no longer simply aimed at a classroom, but cover a wide range, so the difficulty of installation is also obvious. elevated. From this point of view, it is very important for schools to follow the correct installation steps and reasonable methods when installing the mobile phone signal jammer for exams, otherwise it is easy to have problems in the process of use. The correct way to deal with this is actually to find such guides and videos, so that it will be much simpler to install and can be done within a certain period of time. Generally speaking, when we buy the instrument, we actually come with the correct installation manual, and there is generally no problem in the installation according to the above content, and most schools have such talents.

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