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Jammers are generally classified as wired or wireless


  GPS locator is generally divided into two kinds, wired and wireless, and in the wired locator, the car GPS locator and the two-wheeler GPS locator installation position is different, but first of all, we should be clear, wired locator line, what is the line. Common vehicle positioner, generally up to 4 lines, in the design process, usually with different colors to distinguish. Take several meters of EV41 vehicle positioning terminal as an example. Red and black are positive and negative poles of power supply respectively, orange is ACC or key wire, and yellow is oil breaking wire. Knowing which vehicle interfaces each of the different colors of the wire will connect to, we can look at the differences in the installation positions of cars and two-wheelers.

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  Vehicle installation position: 1, the front decorative panel below 2. Around the dashboard 3. Under the rear windshield Installation location of electric vehicle: 1, installed in the headlight position (preferred position) 2, installed in the pedal inside Motorcycle installation position: 1, installed inside the large lampshade or near the code table (preferred position) 2, installed under the rear seat 3, installed inside the taillight When installing the locator according to the position of different vehicles, it is necessary to face up to the sky, and ensure that the joint is not loose and does not water. If the car windshield is affixed with a metal insulation layer or heating layer, it will reduce the reception of satellite signal strength, which may cause the positioning accuracy of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid installing the locator in this position.

  Easy to install the OBD port As we all know, every car is equipped with an OBD interface, the purpose of which is to help repair personnel to quickly and accurately determine the nature and location of the car‘s fault, and to standardize the diagnosis. Based on this, in order to pursue the convenience of plug and play, many vehicle locators adopt the standardized OBD interface at the beginning of the design. The user only needs to find the OBD interface position of the car and plug in the positioning device, and the locator will obtain power by itself to realize real-time positioning during the car driving. Tips for discreet installation of wireless locators

  After finishing the wired locator and OBD interface locator, let‘s talk about the wireless locator. Compared with the former two, the biggest advantage of the wireless locator is that it does not need to be connected to the power supply of the car, and it can be installed hidden in any position of the car. ① Seat ② rear view mirror ③ trunk ④ hood ⑤ fender ⑥ door divider ⑦ bumper For example, the V720 water tank positioning terminal of MI IOT has the highest dustproof and waterproof grade of IP68, which can be placed in the water tank of a car. At the same time, it also has the ultra-long standby function, and the frequency of positioning once a day can be standby for two years. Auto finance enterprises with rental car or loan business can take it as the last line of risk control. For car GPS locator installation, about these three kinds, if you are tired of GPS tracking problems for a long time, if your secrets and privacy are stolen by hidden spies, here www.perfectjammer.com will provide you with different types of GPS jammers for you to choose from.

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