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If the planner wants to block the mobile gps signal


Cell Phone Blocker

  For the fairness and impartiality of the exam, the school will use a mobile phone jammer that can achieve the shielding effect during the exam to prevent candidates from cheating using mobile phones and other communication devices. This move can help the school to ensure the fairness of the exam. The responsibility of many students. How to choose the examination room in a targeted manner? Because the working principle of the mobile phone signal jammer

  If the college entrance examination planner wants to block the mobile phone signals in the examination room, it is unlikely that the 2G/3G/4G/5G signal towers around the examination room will not work, otherwise all the communication equipment in this area will not be able to communicate normally. . Then there is only 88 to block the mobile phone signal in the examination room. When it comes to shielding mobile phone signals, the first thing that comes to mind is that metal materials must be shielded. The mobile phone should be placed in a closed metal material box to prevent the spread of radio waves according to the metal material. The metal-enclosed classrooms are visibly immaterial. In the whole process of work, go to the wireless channel at a certain rate, from the signal tower to the low-frequency to high-frequency scanner of the wireless channel of the mobile phone, which will cause harm in the process of the mobile phone receiving the message format signal, so that the mobile phone does not It can check all the normal data information transmitted from the signal tower, and then it is difficult to establish a connection with the signal tower, showing no signal. The phone is out of service.

  Cell phone signal GPS jammers can effectively affect cell phone signals within a certain range under normal conditions. Some schools, government agencies and institutions will install applications in classrooms and conference halls, and then achieve the purpose of strictly prohibiting others from using mobile phones. Non-confidential enterprises, schools, government agencies and institutions block other people’s mobile phone signals, which are common disciplinary violations. 88 Relevant laws and regulations in my country expressly stipulate that, except for security information confidentiality and related national defense enterprises, all enterprises and themselves are strictly prohibited from installing mobile phone applications without permission signal jammer. Non-confidential enterprises, schools, government agencies and institutions that block other people's mobile phone signals are disciplinary violations.

Some school classrooms are equipped with air conditioners

  The test room is installed in an air-conditioned classroom, and the heat can be dissipated well even in hot weather. In fact, the mobile phone signal shielding device in the examination room is the same as a mobile phone. When the weather is hot, it will become hot. But generally it won't damage the machine. However, it still depends on the quality of the equipment. If the quality is not good, it is likely to be damaged, and there is no problem if the treatment is good. For example, choose: The mobile phone signal jammer instrument produced by Chengdu Basansiyi Information Technology Co., Ltd. uses a fan to dissipate heat. The quality of their products is certified by the state, and the quality is quite guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing a signal shielding instrument in the examination room, you must compare several reliable manufacturers.

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