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Gps signal interceptor, hoping to prevent cheating in military examination


  According to reports, metal detectors and are all online in the recent military test to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the military test. Soldiers are the backbone of the country. Many families hope to send their children to military schools to serve as soldiers. Many families choose to go through the back door or cheat in the examination room because their children are not qualified enough. This has seriously affected the country. Recruit outstanding talents. With the advancement of high technology, the country has also made great efforts in military examinations, equipped with mobile phone signal blockers, hoping to prevent students from using mobile phones to cheat in military examinations. In fact, only one 88 can block the mobile phone signals of all students in the military test, so that students who want to have crooked brains can only rely on their own skills to answer the paper at ease, so as to accept the country's selective admission. In fact, mobile phone signal jammer have also been used in the country's military examinations in previous years, but because they are kept secret, they have not been widely reported. Nowadays, the use of jammers gps is no secret, so the media has given detailed reports.

  The college entrance examination has always been the focus of the people all over the country. One test is for life. Some people even say that the real starting point of life is the college entrance examination gradually. This kind of statement looks simple but actually reflects the necessity of the college entrance examination heartily. The college entrance examination is a key opportunity at a turning point in life, and new technologies for cheating methods have also emerged. When talking about cheating, the methods of Chinese students have confirmed the infinite potential of people's intelligence. Which new technologies can be used, and the basic answers are copied and written. The small note has long been out and eliminated. Times are developing, and cheating methods are also being updated. 21 In the new era, the key special tools for cheating are electronic device communication products, but if you have anti-cheating weapons , you can ensure the fairness and reasonableness of the exam.

WiFi Bluetooth Signal Jamming

  The working effect of the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room is based on the greater the output power, the better the actual effect? Not so. If a room with a space of only 100 square meters turns out to be a high-power signal blocker that can shield 500 square meters when you buy , it will be a bit of a waste. When choosing a mobile phone signal jammer, you must consider your own needs and the scope of safety output power. Many customers have expressed why they can still receive messages and make calls when the mobile phone is very close to the signal jammer, but some customers use it so well that it exceeds the actual introduction effect? In fact, this has to talk about the 88 type they use. Many of the shielding devices used by businesses with poor shielding effect choose inferior equipment, so this kind of problem occurs. At present, there is less than one and a half months before the college entrance examination, and many schools have already seen a variety of equipment for the examination room to ensure the quality of the examination. In the process of arranging the test room equipment, a lot of placement equipment will be used, such as: detection access control, monitoring equipment, mobile phone signal GPS jammers in the test room, etc. are all equipment to prevent candidates from cheating.

  Mobile phone jammers gps in the examination room are not unfamiliar to most people. We all see them during the examination. The examination room jammer provides a basic guarantee for a fair and just environment in the examination room. However, if we do not use the equipment correctly, it will have poor results and even cause accidents in the examination room. The reasons affecting the shielding area are related to the distance and direction of the shielding equipment, whether there are obstacles, the wall material of the site building, the relative installation height of the test room , and the installation standard specifications. And if it is a mobile phone jammer with an external antenna, there is a frequency band mark on each antenna, which must correspond to the frequency band mark on the host.

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