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Hide your mobile phone under the draft paper to take photos and cheat


  For a long time, the college entrance examination, as one of the most important examinations in life, has been highly valued by the highest level of development of the whole society, and its fairness and impartiality are impeccable. In a province in Hubei Province, some students actually violated the regulations by bringing their mobile phones into the examination room, and successfully submitted the real college entrance examination questions to a mobile APP. As soon as this news came out, a thousand layers of waves were aroused for a while. Some people also pointed the fuse at 5G technology. They felt that 5G technology was too powerful, so that the screen was not fully released. So, is 5G technology too strong? Or is the current bad? Is there a one-size-fits-all approach to cell phone signal jammers gps? In fact, this time, in a simple sentence, it was just that the signal shielded the problem. How does signal blocking work in practice? Taking a mobile phone as an example, when the external terminal equipment of the mobile phone communicates, it must rely on the signal tower to transmit radio waves, and the radio waves will be maintained at a certain frequency during the transmission process. However, 88 only affects the speed of the mobile phone according to the mobile phone signal jammer, so that the number of times between the mobile phone and the external terminal equipment is wrong, and finally communication is impossible. Therefore, in order to ensure the effective signal of the mobile phone jammer, it is very important to analyze the signal spectrum of the mobile phone.

  According to news media reports, Student Wu prepared a thin coat and put his mobile phone in the thin coat before entering the examination room. When he went through the security check, when the security inspector checked it, Student Wu held the thin coat with both hands and raised it above his head. In this way, he escaped the inspection of and security personnel, and successfully brought the mobile phone into the examination room, and then hid the mobile phone under the scratch paper to take pictures to cheat. The director of the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office in Hubei revealed to reporters that 88 is installed in every classroom in the test room, but the old version of the mobile phone signal blocker in the test room has not been upgraded. There may be loopholes that cannot block the 5G signal, so candidates can use it. Upload exam questions to your mobile phone. According to the investigation by the staff of the Radio Management Office of the Hubei Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology, it has been determined that Wu has cheated by using radio equipment to transmit, and it has been dealt with in accordance with the law.

Handheld Cell Phone Signal Jammer

  Ordinary is far less than high-quality cell phone jammers in terms of price, quality, or high work efficiency, because their parts cost is also there. Especially the temperature control, the ordinary mobile phone signal jammer basically does not have this technology of temperature control. Under the poor heat dissipation, the ordinary 88 is impossible to reduce the output power to maintain its own problem, causing the device to be stuck. or fire. Therefore, ordinary mobile phone signal GPS jammers are really not recommended for everyone to use. Even if it is a special price, it is not recommended for customers to use it.

  Do you like shopping online and point out that it's especially convenient and it's easier to get the items you need from an online shopping mall? When asked a question like that, the answer to most people is no question, and in this technical field, more and more people today prefer to shop online, such as computers, clothes, pants, food and many others. Items, new projects as well, so online shopping is also one of the ideal options when you have to get power , if you want to know that a reliable online store is your reliable source, then come here and have one A good start is natural, the technology has been moving, naturally we need to fully consider our needs, just use the mobile phone signal, and quickly everyone will understand that it is not like everyone only uses 2G mobile phone signals, and now 3G and 4G/5G mobile phone signals In fact, it has been produced and is now widely used by more and more people. In this case, 3G4G5G high-power mobile phone signal jammers gps have also been invented to help people affected by 3G4G/5G mobile phone signals, and to prevent interference For those looking for a high power signal jammer, they can get better access to other systems here.

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