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Understanding GPSjammer Frequency Information

Perfectjammer 2022/08/15

  The main purpose of GPS jammers is to block GPS tracking devices. If you are concerned that someone is tracking you, you may need a GPS jammer to prevent others from using the GPS tracker to track you.

Understanding GPSjammer Frequency Information

  Before buying, you should know some information about these devices. One of the main things to check when buying a GPS jammer is its operating frequency. Since GPS tracking devices use a variety of frequency bands, the most famous of which is the GPS L1 band, but there are others available, so you need to know the frequency and choose the one you want to use. Note that the frequency of the jammer used must be the same frequency used by the GPS tracking device for the jammer to work effectively. There are hundreds of GPS jammers on the market, so finding one that suits your needs should be easy.

  Don't worry if you don't know the frequency of these trackers. There are many types of GPS jammers, some will block the main GPS L1 frequency, some may block more than one at the same time. Of course there are many high-end models that block any tracking frequency (GPS L1 L2 L5, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass, etc.) If you want to be sure that you are not being "tracked", these tools are your choice, of course, these devices can be very expensive , so you should decide how much money you want to make. Of course, GPS jammers can help you keep GPS tracking.

  In order to detect the function of the GPS jammer, please download the GPS signal detection software to test the shielding effect, or open the car navigation function test;

  GPS jammers come in different qualities - battery life and supported frequencies. The most important thing is the frequency supported by the device. Battery life is also an important feature that you should double-check if you plan to use the Jammer for extended periods of time. Generally speaking, the battery life of portable jammers doesn't last long on a single charge. If you've been wanting to use Jammer for a long time. Desktop jammers are better because they are usually used while charging.

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