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Jammers keep you unexposed while others are watching

Perfectjammer 2022/08/19

  You can use this method to hack not only your car alarm, but also other devices that use the GSM network. However, some car alarms use secure data transmission channels that are resistant to such attacks.

Jammers keep you unexposed while others are watching

  GPS jammers prevent others from monitoring your location and keep your location from being exposed to people's line of sight.

  In fact, you can find several of these tracking points for each person from open source sources like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and you can easily find his or her tracking points so you can see the target. On the other hand, people are used to video surveillance, CCTV cameras are everywhere, in-vehicle cameras may be installed on the vehicle, but the difference here is that all the data it collects is stored locally and deleted after a certain period of time.

  It may keep for a long time. If Google collects data from individual users, it will not hesitate to use all the information collected through Glass.

  People using photos and videos can detect where, when and where a particular person is by detecting faces. As for Google Glass, all data is stored in the cloud, where it can be retrieved by any literary person, whether law enforcement or terrorist. All of these files can be processed, audio files can be converted to text and processed with filters.