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GPS satellite positioning system has a wide range of positioning functions

Perfectjammer 2022/08/23

  With the development of technology, mobile phones are becoming more and more intelligent. GPS satellite signal series products can help you solve these problems because the GPS satellite positioning system has a very wide range of positioning functions, which can cover the whole earth and is an ideal location information service system. In our daily life, we may experience the embarrassment of being followed by others.

GPS satellite positioning system has a wide range of positioning functions

  GPS satellite positioning system is a positioning service system that uses the signals transmitted by GPS satellites. The positioning accuracy can reach 10 meters to 100 meters and can be used for mobile devices such as vehicles, ships, and aircraft.

  There is a popular device called a GPS signal jammer that can be used to jam the signal and keep your device from getting any information about your location. It does this by jumping into the 1.575 GHz radio band used by GPS satellites. This interferes with the signals from those satellites and makes them unusable for anyone running a GPS application at the time. The best way to avoid being affected by such interfering devices is to travel without using any navigation apps in areas near you where jammers may be installed or set up.

  Some people use GPS tracking devices to track the location of their vehicles in case of theft.

  A GPS tracking device is a small device that can be installed in a vehicle. The device can track the vehicle's location and send the information to a server, and then notify the owner via email when something goes wrong. For example, if your motorcycle is stolen or hijacked, you will immediately receive an email notification so you can react quickly and contact the police for help as soon as possible.

  GPS jammers can be used in many different scenarios. You can use GPS jammers to prevent vehicles, ships, planes, trains, and people from being tracked. GPS jammers can also be used to prevent the tracking of ships.

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The self-developed wall-mounted mobile phone WiFi signal jammer consists of an antenna, a radio frequency amplification unit, a multiplexer, a main control board, an intelligent cooling system, and a power supply system. Using electronic countermeasures, it emits electromagnetic waves and cuts off downlink phone signals and WiFi signals within a radius of 50 meters. Then cell phones and wifi don't work in that area and people can't receive or transmit cell phone wifi signal there. It can interfere with all 2G 3G 4G 5G mobile phone signals and WiFi signals, with large coverage and good interference effect, completely blocking all mobile phone signals. Its main feature is an ultra-high gain antenna. Traditional jammers typically share a high gain antenna for all channels or use a small gain 5dBi or 9dBi antenna for each channel. But NZ-150W can transmit high gain 14dBi signal in each channel, with stable long-distance interference effect.


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It is easy to carry.

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