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GPS Jammer:Precise hits on GPS and jamming

Perfectjammer 2022/08/13

  The construction company set up the base station in an open environment, its position was correctly measured, and the signal from all visible satellites was tracked at a good signal ratio level. Why is there still a problem?

GPS Jammer:Precise hits on GPS and jamming

  Problems can and do occur on construction sites for large construction projects. A group of excavators, bulldozers, pile drivers and graders work in a confined area, their movements coordinated by a GPS guidance system.

  The foreman knew the location of each vehicle, accurate to the meter. Without warning, GPS fix is ​​lost, warning messages appear on the screen of the operator guidance unit, and the worksite machine stops, causing the machine to be down for days or weeks and causing damage.

  The construction site is near a boulevard frequented by busy commercial vehicles, whose movements are often monitored by tracking devices including GPS receivers. For example, such devices ensure drivers do not exceed legal driving hours or avoid tolls.

  In recent years, more and more drivers have turned to inexpensive GPS jammers devices to move around undetected or to block built-in anti-theft systems.

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