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Can you use the public network with confidence now?

Public wifi is not safe. Rogue websites can easily poison your phone and steal your information and even property. I usually don't connect to public wifi, I have a good sense of security. For safety reasons, please use wifi jammer devices.

2020-07-27 at 10:30


With the development and popularization of wifi networks, we are a ubiquitous wifi network. People cannot live without wifi. It has been connected to Internet media. Our own wifi may be hacked, let alone public wifi. , The openness of the public, the wifi it embodies can provide services to a wider range of people. Some do not require a password and can be used by just connecting, and some need to use a mobile phone number to connect. Although these wifi provide convenience for people, they will also Bringing security risks, public wifi connections need to be cautious.

For public wifi security, we should try not to connect when necessary to better protect our information security. If you think your information is not important, you can contact, but I suggest you not. If you want to connect to public wifi, you can use a wifi jammer.

Public wifi has been investigated based on the security issues. The vast majority of public wifi is insecure, and only a very small number of public wifi are absolutely safe. Therefore, we must consider security issues when using public wifi. Whether the wifi signal jammer can protect the safety of public wifi, it is completely possible to protect the public wifi.