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Can People Scramble Cell Phones

Kilick Laura 2021-11-19

The key function of a mobile phone is to make a call. The most important thing when making a call is the signal of the mobile phone. Many places, such as public places and homes, have WiFi wireless networks. This is an amplification of the signal function of the mobile phone. I think many people know Can People Scramble Cell Phones, But there are not many people who know the working principle of mobile phone jammers. With the rapid development of mobile communication networks and the continuous expansion of network coverage, wireless communication relies on the propagation of electromagnetic waves to establish communication links. With the continuous development of various buildings and traffic roads, it is blocked by buildings. In some large buildings and basements In many places, such as shopping malls, restaurants, home improvement, entertainment venues, etc., wireless communication has some weaknesses, which cannot meet the needs of customers. cell phone jammer

In fact, the principle of mobile phone signal jammer is very simple. It mainly consists of three parts, antenna, special letter mobile phone amplifier, indoor antenna. These three parts form a wireless system to enhance cellular reception. Cellular receptionCan People Scramble Cell Phones is usually a repeater system. The receiver system includes an amplifier that increases the gain or power to the receiver in all directions, and transmits the signal to the cellular tower by the transmission of an external antenna to enhance the power and sensitivity of the receiver.