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This Cell Phone Is Blocked From Incoming Calls Doesn'T Address Cell Phone Risks

Perfectjammer 2022/04/10

There are many shielding methods: 1. This Cell Phone Is Blocked From Incoming Calls 2. Jammer 3. Shielding bag 4. Shielding cabinet. The method of shielding is mainly to cut off the external communication of the mobile phone, but it is easy to ignore the entertainment and multimedia functions of the mobile phone. In this case, it is still possible to take pictures, videos, audio recordings, etc., and the enemy spy agency uses the presence or absence of mobile phone signals as the basis for monitoring, which greatly reduces the workload of eavesdropping, so cell phone jammer cannot effectively solve the risk of mobile phone leakage; 3. It is managed through the Detect mobile phone related functions; from the previous analysis, it can be seen that the first two are controlling the signal of the mobile phone, but they are powerless to the multimedia function of the mobile phone. Therefore, CoolGuard's mobile phone detection door is considered to be the latest in technical research at home and abroad.

An effective method is to prohibit the mobile phone from being brought into a secret place, whether it is turned on, off or unplugged, it can be detected. At the same time, the location of the mobile phone needs to be determined, which greatly reduces the workload of the security personnel. School exams are designed to prevent students from using mobile phones to transmit information, leak test papers and cheat on exams. Some are also to prevent teachers from bringing test papers and leaking test paper information, which will cause adverse effects on later examinations. All schools are suitable for installation This Cell Phone Is Blocked From Incoming Calls ? The mobile phone signal jammer uses the same frequency as the downlink frequency of the mobile phone receiving base station for co-frequency electromagnetic interference, which will be affected by the signal strength of the nearby base station and affect the shielding effect of the mobile phone. cell phone.