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Electronic Kit Cell Phone Jammer

Gillam Brian 2021-12-16

According to Gerard Keegan, a spokesperson for the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association, the wireless industry opposes the use of mobile phones in prisons to interfere with signals, mainly because of concerns about shielding legitimate users' signals. Instead, he said, the organization supports a "management access" system, which uses technology to determine signals from smuggled phones in prisons. He said that the organization also supports further testing of mobile phone interference technology. The possible use of Electronic Kit Cell Phone Jammer Federal law is still pending in the House of Representatives and Senate. "My proposal is simple," Republican Senator James Lankford told the Senate earlier this year. "Blocking cell phones in prison is to protect our guards, protect our families, and prevent criminal activities in the prison." Last year, federal officials at the Federal Penitentiary in Cumberland, Maryland, tested miniature cell phone jammers and stated that they The telephone signal in the prison cell can be turned off, and the equipment is operating normally in the rice field about 6 meters away. cell phone jammer

Mobile phone signal jammers on mobile phones can help solve this problem. This product prevents employees from shopping online or playing games. Turn off all signals. The product has a wide range of uses. According to the designated area of ​​signal strength, it can interfere with signals with a coverage radius of close to 40 meters. If you don't want to affect other areas, you can use this adjustable parameter to adjust the cutting radius. This small jammer is very suitable for use in office areas. You can also adjust the distraction radius and choose a suitable working position. It only interferes with what you want and does not affect others, so you can avoid being sued and causing economic losses to others. When checking whether the mobile phone is blocked, the cell phone signal grid number may be wrong, which does not represent the current communication status of the mobile phone, so the cell phone signal grid number should be used. Be careful, not just check. At this point, don't jump to conclusions too early. Said this Electronic Kit Cell Phone Jammer device is invalid. Instead, you need to call your cell phone intermittently. Try to call a local toll-free number or landline number. If the call fails, it is still considered to be in the shielding range. Otherwise, the shield range is out of range.