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A gang of robbers uses sophisticated mobile signal jammers to drive police off the internet

Curry Mildred 2022/09/19

A gang of robbers uses sophisticated mobile signal jammers to drive police off the internet

  The gang of robbers who struck a gold finance company at the Laxmiganj Bazar branch, located on the GT Road, used sophisticated mobile signal jammers to throw cops off the network grid, while they tried to decamp with Rs 1.4 lakh cash and gold chain. Preliminary investigation revealed that this was a Bihar gang. Three arrests have been made. However, the fourth man managed to escape. Kindennagel police chief Anab Gaush said the use of the signal jammer would be investigated further. Of the three arrested, two are from Balaga in Hugli and the third is from Bihar. Police said that after the shooting incident, the robbers opened fire on the police, prompting police to retaliate, two people were caught on the spot. The third man was stopped at the border checkpoint late at night. The stolen booty was recovered."The trio will be questioned in detail," Gosh said.

  If you're not a master criminal or an agent, here's some background. The core problem for any system using GPS is that the signals are extremely weak, an inevitable byproduct of the vast distances those signals need to travel. The signal jammer works by suppressing the GPS signal by transmitting it at the same frequency, only slightly stronger than the original signal. The typical signal jammers used for cargo hijackings are able to jam frequencies from up to 5 miles away rendering GPS tracking and security apparatuses, such as those used by trucking syndicates, totally useless.