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Will the radiation of mobile phone jammers affect health?

Perfectjammer 2021-07-18

mobile signals jammers health

If the user is not a school, most of the purchases are also limited. In this case, you can choose a mobile phone jammer with a metal shell and an external antenna. You can choose this type of machine not only on the price, but also on whether you use it occasionally or for a long time. In order to save costs, many small manufacturers in Shenzhen choose parts and power supplies of poor quality. This kind of power supply can only support the equipment to work continuously for two or three hours, and then it must be turned off for a while. If it is used continuously It will burn out the power supply; on the other hand, the heat dissipation of the mobile cell phone jammer is also very important. If you do not choose good heat dissipation materials, the lighter is the machine and the effect will get worse and worse within half an hour, and the heavier is the surface The temperature is high enough to burn people. Therefore, in the long term, don’t just look at the price. You must make it clear about your needs. If you are working together, it is recommended that you take a signal jammer for testing. If you purchase it again, you can return it if you can’t. If the merchant does not agree to you , It must be that his mobile phone jammer is not off. At this time, you have to weigh it.

In recent years, we have been focusing on researching products with high efficiency, low energy consumption and low radiation, and our reputation in the industry is also one of the best. All products have a test report issued by a professional organization. Regarding the radiation of mobile phone signal jammers, there are also authoritative test reports issued by the National Committee of the People's Republic of China. Each machine will repeatedly test its performance before leaving the factory to ensure that every mobile phone signal jammer that can be sold is fully compliant with industry standards. The mobile phone jammers produced by perfectjammer are all low-radiation and high-efficiency machines. Choosing products from regular manufacturers can completely eliminate everyone’s worries. Like mobile phone signals, mobile phone signal jammers also have radiation, but the electromagnetic radiation intensity of both All are less than or equal to 75dBuv, that is to say, the radiation of the mobile phone signal jammer is as small as the radiation of the mobile phone, and can be completely ignored. Even if it is used in a large amount per unit area, there is no need to worry about the radiation of the mobile phone signal jammer that will affect your health. .

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