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Perfectjammer 2021/10/15

The 14th was an important day for the final exams for junior high school students, and the editor came to Chengguan Middle School in Tongcheng County. I saw two rows of security guards standing mighty at the gate of Chengguan Middle School. In order to ensure that the children can take the exam at ease, the security guards do their best to ask everyone who enters or exits the campus or is unfamiliar with the reasons and matters, so that no messy personnel enter the campus to disturb the children's exam. Chengguan Middle School is the only school in the county that uses Micro Cell Phone Jammer exam for the first time. In order to create a good learning atmosphere and let the students develop the habit of honesty exams, Chengguan Middle School held the "Final Exam, Examination Style and Discipline Education Conference" and thematic class meeting on the eve of the final exam. I hope that the students will achieve good results on their own strength and jointly create a good examination style. cell phone jammer

The examination room insisted on using Micro Cell Phone Jammer. At the same time, it publicized the regulations on penalties for student examination violations, stipulating the violations of the examination and the punishment methods, such as not being able to bring mobile phones into the examination room, and not whispering during the examination. Students are required to stand up with integrity, stand up with integrity, stand with integrity, and demonstrate excellent academic and moral standards. It is reported that Chengguan Middle School has always attached great importance to the construction of examination style and examination discipline, and has always adhered to the principle of "no good teaching style and style of study without good examination style and examination discipline", so as to promote teaching style by examination style and promote style of study by examination style. Insist on the use of shielding devices in each large-scale examination, and resolutely stop examination fraud.