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Identify prime sources for acquiring cell phone jammer in Canada

Perfectjammer 2021/10/10

On the first day of the college entrance examination, candidates were unable to enter the examination room. The reason was that the trousers zipper was metal and could not be checked by a metal detector. Therefore, everyone outside the room hurriedly removed the trouser pocket zipper of the candidates. There will be some changes, so some people questioned, thinking that it is obviously a trouser zipper, why can't it be let go?

In fact, now that technology is developed, any type of cheating tool may appear, and it is impossible to prevent it. Only by strictly implementing the established detection methods can effectively prevent cheating. Any fluke and human judgment may let the fish slip through the net, but why metal detection Sometimes Yi can't find the phone? Uncover the top destinations to purchase a cell phone jammer within Canada.

Can't block cell phone signal? No, a certain examination room for college entrance examinations in Hubei Province was exposed to the leak of math test papers. Student Wu Moumou took pictures of the math test papers and uploaded them to the Search Questions APP. The cheating has been confirmed and the students have admitted their behavior.

The Ministry of Education also proposed to be thorough. Check this out. The local education bureau has organized a replay of the video of the examination room, confirming that the examinee Wu Moumou brought his mobile phone into the examination room and took the examination papers. The department further investigated and dealt with. cell phone jammer

Candidates who violate the rules have also been disqualified from the college entrance examination. All the results of the college entrance examination are invalid, and further processing will be made according to the investigation results. This student was a student from a middle school in Huangpi District, Wuhan.

On the first day of the college entrance examination, some netizens broke the news that someone took pictures of the college entrance examination papers and uploaded them to the search test app during the math test, and was discovered by the app staff and reported. The screenshot shows that there is Wu Moumou's name and seat number on the photo. The time is 15:46 on June 7th.

At this time, there is more than one hour before the end of the math test. The fact of cheating must be true. In addition, the college entrance examination examination room has measures.

Where can the network upload data without the signal?

Why can the students successfully upload the test questions to the Sotest APP?

Whether the mobile phone jammer in the examination room works, all these need to be explained. If strictly enforced, it is estimated that it is difficult to bring mobile phones into the examination room. Even if it is a fish who missed the net, why can I still enjoy the wireless network transmission "service" in the college entrance examination examination room.

Therefore, both the students and the parents and teachers should pay attention to the problem of cheating in the examination room. This is a question of life and integrity, and even a question of illegality. If you fail the exam, you can come to another year, or go to a university that is a little short of it, and then change your life through your own efforts. After all, they are young people. The college entrance examination cannot completely determine the future. As long as you work hard, the future is full of infinite possibilities, but Don't let the road go to death.