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Cell Phone Jammer Movie Theater

Dagheb Ayssa 2021-08-27

At present, it is very common for students to bring mobile phones. Most of the mobile phones used by students are smart phones, which can play games, watch movies, shop on post bars, make friends and chat... The school clearly requires students to use mobile phones reasonably, and it is strictly forbidden to use them in the teaching area. However, some students are self-controlled Poor ability, especially after going to bed late and turning off the lights, there are still students playing with mobile phones until late at night, which seriously affects the next day's study, so that they start to doze off early the next day, and the lack of sleep for a long time will also affect their health. In order to prevent students from using mobile phones at school to affect their studies, especially the phenomenon of playing mobile phones after going to bed at night and turning off the lights, Xin'anjiang Middle School has installed several Cell Phone Jammer Movie Theater . cell phone jammer Mainly near the bedroom, the opening time is a certain period of time, not the whole day, and the use time during the exam is slightly longer than usual.

The Cell Phone Jammer Movie Theater installed by the school is in compliance with the college entrance examination standards and has safety guarantees. At the same time, the school also visited surrounding residents and units and asked the mobile company. The results showed that the mobile phone jammer does not affect the normal life of the surrounding area. The management of student mobile phone use is a problem that every school will encounter. The school hopes to get the care and attention of relevant social departments and provide guidance from the technical level. As a school, it should assume the responsibility of managing students. Students are asked to concentrate on their studies in school. Parents are also expected to understand, cooperate and support the school’s mobile phone management. Moreover, the school has a school communication system that can meet the needs of students and parents. Contact demand.