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Cell Phone Jammer Legal In Uk

Perfectjammer 2021/10/12

However, the news of "maybe due to 5G signal shielding loopholes" immediately attracted attention on the Internet. Netizens mainly focused on two points: At the moment, 5G mobile phones and 5G signals are not new. Why do the examination rooms involved in the incident have omissions in signal shielding? Is this kind of omission a case or does it exist in other examination rooms? According to regulations, during large exams, Cell Phone Jammer Legal In Uk is installed in the test center to shield electronic signals and prevent possible electronic cheating. The working principle of the mobile phone jammer is to send out signals in a specific electromagnetic wave frequency band, which interferes with the normal communication signals of the mobile phone. In this incident, candidates can upload pictures to the Internet through their mobile phones in the examination room. Two situations cannot be ruled out: First, the candidate's location is not within the effective distance covered by the mobile phone jammer; second, mobile phone signal interference If the frequency affected by the device does not cover all the communication frequency bands used by all operators, candidates may be connected to the Internet through a certain frequency band. cell phone jammer

According to the person’s analysis, if the test site used Cell Phone Jammer Legal In Uk is designed for the mainstream communication frequency at the time of the factory, without considering the new 5G network, the 5G signal may not be able to completely shield the 5G signal. Mobile jammer equipment needs to keep up with the development of the times." Xue Quan, Dean of the School of Electronics and Information, South China University of Technology and Dean of the School of Microelectronics, also stated in an interview with the Nanfang Daily that at present, the communication technology is constantly upgrading and the 5G signal standard Different from the original 4G standard, the old model of interference equipment cannot completely interfere with the 5G signal, and it is also possible. "Chutian Metropolis Daily" reported in 2015 that before the college entrance examination that year, Wuhan City updated all equipment such as mobile phone signal jammers and metal detectors in test sites. Among them, the signal shielding instrument is upgraded to shield the latest 4G signals that have been enabled in some domestic cities, and the WiFi signals at the test sites will also be shielded. "